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American Mushroom Hunter

Welcome to the World of Wildly

Foraged Mushrooms!

Proudly serving the Wholesale Food Community for over 25 years!

What we do

Foragers Unite! Here at American Mushroom Hunter we gather the most sought-after wild mushrooms from all around the world and make them easily accessible. We utilize our vast network of international suppliers to provide the best and freshest quality product available on the market. Conveniently located near JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Airport, we are able to import or export product within 48 hours to ensure that you are getting the freshest quality product available.


Discover the AMH Difference

Product Seasonality

Please be aware that we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature, and seasons can shift from year to year

Click on the Seasonality Chart to view our Products Page!

Contact Us

For more information, call us (732) 796–0020 or use the form below.