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Wild Yellow Foot Mushroom

More About This Product

For many, Chanterelles are the highlight of the mushroom season. While it may be the beautiful appearance that draws you in, it is the delicious taste that will keep you coming back. Most commonly identified by their vibrantly golden to orange color, these mushrooms have a lovely faint fragrance of apricots. Additionally, the gills (or ridges) are very shallow, blunt, and frequently forked.

Delightful enough to be enjoyed on their own, Chanterelles boast extreme versatility and can be paired with just about any meat or fish dishes, mixed in with salads, delicately scattered over pizza – the list goes on!

The vast majority of chanterelles are either imported from Europe or from the Pacific North West. The European season usually extends from late spring throughout summer, while Domestic product is typically found between mid-summer and early winter.


Please be aware that we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature, and seasons can shift from year to year

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